The Iron Chorus Training Manual


The Iron Chorus Training Manual

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The Iron Chorus Training Manual may be the only training program you will EVER need. It teaches you how to design a program no matter what gym you're in, no matter what kind of machines or weights are available, and gives you ways to conquer your goals WITHOUT wasting your time.


Program Includes:

- Tutorial Videos.

- Step By Step on HOW TO Create your program.

- Tips and Tricks to Help you get a FASTER, More effective workout.

- 8 Weeks Example of Programming.

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I feel like I can now monitor myself and create workouts for myself because I've been given the tools I need. THANK YOU, KASEY!!!!”


“I gained about five pounds and I am much stronger and my muscles are actually visible now. I also know how to eat better, I don't think I was getting enough protein before (I also didn't keep any track of my food intake at all)...This was my favorite part of the week every week, thank you sooooo much!”


“I don't have to be afraid of the really big weights in the gym! I'm stronger than I thought I was :) Plus I feel way more equipped to go to the gym and actually accomplish something rather than half-ass a run on the elliptical.”


“ My goal was to be able to lift more than my body weight, and on my last day I crushed that goal and deadlifted 160lbs! I also lost about 8 lbs while working with opera bro and definitely gained more toned muscle. This was the first workout program that has really worked for me and had positive results. Thanks, Kasey for helping me be a better and stronger me :)”


“I wanted to stay at my same weight but look better while at it, and in just one semester I have done exactly that. I look physically more in shape, it doesn't feel like a chore to get to the gym anymore, and I have broken barriers in strength at a pace I never thought was possible. There are a lot of training programs out there, but none of them are as accessible and easy to jump into at any level fitness as this one. I haven't been able to stay as consistent as I am on this program since it was part of my curriculum in football, and I see that same motivation to keep going in everyone else who took this program. This was exactly what I needed. Thanks a million, Kasey”


“I gained about 10 pounds, and I've gotten way stronger. I don't think I've ever seen muscle on my body until this. I feel much fitter. You've really made a huge impact on my physical and mental life. Thank you so much.”