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Low Calorie/High Protein Pita Pizzas

This is one of my favorite things to eat. It’s low calorie, high protein, and super easy to make! I used to make them ALL the time when I was living in a dorm at Des Moines Metro Opera.

This low calorie pizza requires very specific ingredients in order to keep the macros so friendly. The only difficult ingredient to acquire might be Joseph’s Oat Bran and Whole Wheat Pitas. However, if you’re near a Walmart, chances are high that you can find some there! This recipe shows you how to make 4 Mini Pita Pizzas.


4 Joseph’s Mini Pitas (50 calories each)

16–17 Hormel Turkey Pepperonis

1 String Cheese

⅛ cup of Prego (light) Marinara



  1. Lay out 4 Pitas and place 1–2 tablespoons of Prego (light) marinara in each pita.
  2. Place 4–5 Turkey Pepperonis on each pita
  3. Cut the string cheese, or peel the string cheese and divide it evenly between the 4 pitas.
  4. Place pitas onto a cookie sheet, place into a preheated oven or toaster oven.
  5. Cook to desired crispness or until cheese appears “melty.”


Macros for 1 Mini Pita Pizza with 4 Pepperonis, and 1/4th string cheese

Calories: 88

Protein: 9 grams

Carbs: 8 grams

Fat: 3 grams


Give these a try and I promise that you won’t be disappointed. You can also switch things out to make it your own. Different cheeses, different sauces, or even different meats! If you try it and like it, let me know on my social media: @TheOperaBro

Kasey Yeargain AKA The Opera Bro

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Giant Healthy Strawberry Smoothie

If you’re a fan of fruits and veggies I strongly suggest that you invest in a freezer and frozen veggies. This is much better for storage and convenience and will end up saving you a lot of money. Plus there is nothing more disappointing than wanting to eat some delicious strawberries and you pull a tray of it from the fridge only to discover that half of it is covered in mold. Also, frozen fruit is far superior for making smoothies, which should become a large part of your life from now on. Not only are they delicious and filling, but they are simple to make. Here is a strawberry smoothie/gelato that I love. And by love, I mean I made this every day for 5 months straight. It’s that good.


Frozen Strawberries (2-5 cups)

Greek Yogurt (1-2 Cups)

Stevia (To Taste)



  1. Blend 1-2 Cups Greek Yogurt with stevia (sweeten to taste)

  2. Slowly add the amount of frozen strawberries you’d like until it reaches the consistency you desire.

More Strawberries = Thicker/Ice cream like consistency

Less Strawberries = Lighter/Smoothie like consistency


For a delightful, sweeter finish, add fat free whip cream on top.


Macros for Smoothie that contains: 1 Cup Greek Yogurt/2 Cups Frozen Strawberries

Calories: 220 Calories

Protein: 23 grams

Carb: 35 grams

Fat: 0 Grams

Fiber: 6 grams


This recipe is the perfect way to hit a protein/fiber goal while not wrecking your calorie balance. And on a hot day it will make your insides feel like it took a nap in an ice machine while everyone else looks like they fell asleep in the sun. And you can easily fill half a blender and all of your belly with this much food. Game, set, match.

You can get The Opera Bro Guide to Flexible Dieting in audio form!

Kasey Yeargain


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(Broast) — Bro French Toast

I’m constantly trying to find creative ways to get in more protein. Protein powders do the job, but the taste gets boring and redundant. And sometimes when you’re eating chicken you just wish it was something different. Something like pancakes, waffles, or even french toast

Full Discretion: I did not come up with this recipe. I saw it on a Youtube video a while ago and it has become a staple in my diet ever since. 



3 Pieces of Toast

2–3 Whole Eggs

3–6 Egg Whites

Cinnamon to taste

Stevia to taste

Sugar Free Syrup



  1. Thoroughly Coat a large pan or a deep skillet with a zero calorie spray (especially the sides), I prefer canola oil.
  2. Place Three pieces of bread evenly in a triangle fashion in the pan.
  3. In a separate bowl, whip up the whole eggs and egg whites until they are a smooth consistency.
  4. Add Cinnamon and Stevia and then mix thoroughly once more.
  5. Pour contents of bowl over the bread in the pan and place a lid over the top of the pan.
  6. Cook on stove on medium to low heat until there isn’t any liquid moving on top.
  7. With a spatula, carefully flip the now large piece of toast on to the uncooked side.
  8. I prefer to have one side crispy and one side with a fluffier egg like consistency, but cook both sides to your desired consistency.
  9. Flip onto a plate, spray some “I can’t believe it’s not butter” on that sucker, warm up some sugar free syrup and enjoy you lucky S.O.B.


Macros for Broast with 2 whole eggs, 3 egg whites, 3 pieces of Toast, ½ cup of Sugar free syrup:


Calories: 375

Protein: 34 grams

Carb: 50 grams

Fat: 11 grams

Fiber: 9 grams


Obviously different brands and types of bread and syrup and going to alter these macros. These macros are calculated with these nutritional facts. You can switch them out for whatever you like, just make it work with your macros.

Bread: Nature’s Own Wheat Enriched 40 Calorie Per Slice

Sugar Free Syrup: Hungry Jack Sugar Free Syrup

Give this recipe a try and let me know what you think of it on my Instagram or FaceBook: @TheOperaBro


Kasey Yeargain


The Opera Bro

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A Root Beer Float that won’t wreck your gains!

I love root beer and I love ice cream. So, DUH, I love root beer floats. But, when you make them, they’re generally not helping your physique goals. However, if you’ve read my post about Halo Top Ice Cream, you know it tastes great and can work WITH your diet.

So, with the help of Halo Top Ice Cream we can make one of my favorite desserts without drinking 1000 calories! And, it’s super simple...


Diet Root Beer

Mint Chip Halo Top Ice Cream



  1. Scoop Mint Chip Halo Top Ice Cream into a glass.

  2. Pour Diet Root Beer over the top of the ice cream.

  3. Enjoy!


If you like to eat big, you can have the whole pint with diet root beer with little caloric consequence.


Nutritional Facts (For the Whole Pint)

Calories: 240

Fat: 8 grams

Carbs: 56 grams

Protein: 20 grams


OR, you can share with a friend if you just want something sweet after your dinner!


Nutritional Facts (For the 1/2 Pint)

Calories: 120

Fat: 4 grams

Carbs: 28 grams

Protein: 10 grams

Give this a taste and let me know what you think! And, follow @TheOperaBro on Instagram for other Training and Nutrition tips!


Kasey Yeargain


The Opera Bro