Is Pizza Bad For You???

Let's Talk Nutrition:

People love to talk about how pizza is "So Bad for you!!!" They like labels that put food into groups. Pizza bad, salad good, French fries bad, sweet potato good.

Constantly labeling your food as good or bad isn't just a super awful way of looking at life, it's also a disorder called Orthorexia.

There are no foods that will magically put fat on you and there are no foods that will magically make the fat melt off. That is a fantasy that has been told to you by a booming fitness industry.

Pizza will not make you fat. The only problem with pizza is that it's super delicious and often times calorie dense. You can get fat off of chicken breast and sweet potatoes too, it will just be a lot less fun than over eating pizza!

Pizza is not bad for you, you can eat a moderate amount of pizza and still keep to a balanced diet rich in protein and fiber that will allow you to achieve your physique goals.

Posted on April 3, 2017 and filed under Tutorials.