I failed at my workout and now I'm frustated!!!

I frequently get questions from clients and fellow gym frequenters. Sometimes I feel my answers are worthy to share to the masses.


"Hey Kasey,

You ever have workouts where you feel really good and have high hopes going into it, but fall short of your goals for the workout? How do you deal with that frustration?



Absolutely. I've failed so many workouts it's insane. And yes, it can be very frustrating. I've had sessions that I thought for sure I was going to nail bench press pr's and then end up with the bar stuck on my chest flailing my legs about. Very embarrassing. It's ruined my days before.

The thing is to realize that just getting in there and doing the work is a WIN. The only way to fail is to not even try. You're going to have some EPIC workouts, set some tremendous pr's and feel like you're best thing since sliced bread. But you will also feel tired, weak, and like you didn't accomplish anything. But both feelings are fleeting. The true success comes from the consistent work you put in. Nobody is gonna be blown away by a single training session of yours, but people will be FLOORED by the results you've earned over days, weeks, and months of consistent work.

I hope this has been helpful, my friend. Keep kicking ass and putting in the work.


Posted on March 6, 2017 .