Behind the neck Smith Presses

I don't generally like the smith machine. I think it's silly to use it for squats or bench presses. However, for secondary or accessory movements, it can be a useful tool!

Pressing behind your neck can be very dangerous with a free barbell and requires a lot of technical proficiency. With the smith machine it's a lot safer, and you're able to push the weight on a straight bar path. AKA the bar not crashing on top of your head!

Notice how my hands are rotated outward on the bar? That's to allow the elbows to press outwards and to keep the scapula retracted through the full range of motion. You're gonna feel this in your shoulders and your back, and you're gonna feel strong doing it!

Just another #toolfromatoolbag

Posted on March 11, 2017 and filed under Tutorials.