The Opera Bro Guide to Flexible Dieting - Chapter 5. How to Fit in That Sweet Treat

Satiation V.S. Volume: How to Fit in That Sweet Treat and Not Get Hungry


Flexible dieting is a great way to sneak in some tasty treats here and there. It’s as simple as the following:


Carbohydrate you want to eat that day: Sour Patch Kids (gummy candy)

Step 1.) Find the item on Myfitnesspal

Step 2.) Make sure the item matches in regards to calories and nutritional facts

Step 3.) Add the candy to your diary

Step 4.) Eat The Candy.


I know, it’s so self explanatory that it’s stupid. But it truly is that simple. To fill in the rest of the day does require a bit of explanation.


Step 1.) Find the protein (preferably lean protein.)

Step. 2) Hit Your Fiber

Step 3.) Fill in the rest


This is what a myfitnesspal read out would look like for my client Bobby (again, not his real name.)


Bobby Eats Sour Patches:

Calories: 2000

Protein: 165 - 200 grams

Fiber: 20 + grams

Flexible Carbs and Fats


The Story of Bobby’s Myfitnesspal Input: Now with this day Bobby had himself an awesome breakfast of 3 slices of Bacon, 4 whole eggs, 3 egg whites. He put it all in one pan, threw in some onions and peppers, made an awesome omelette. For Lunch he made himself a turkey sandwich, with olive oil mayo and swiss cheese, (something put together rather quickly) and grabbed some blueberries and two little to-go containers of flavored greek yogurt. Sometime in the afternoon he slugged down a protein shake to hit his goals. But then Bobby got stuck in an office meeting and while on break he saw a bag of sour patches in the vending machine. Bobby said to himself…


“Self, those sour patches look really good! I wish I wasn’t on a diet...oh, wait! My diet allows me to eat that!”


Bobby ate those sour patches with delight. It made the office meeting very bearable.

That evening he had himself a baked potato, chicken breast, and lots of asparagus. He even had some room for real butter (not butter spray) to give that plate some of that savory flavor his mother used to bring to their dishes.

That night Bobby slept like a champ. He didn’t dream of sour candy like he used to when doing the Paleo and low carb, clean food diets. Instead he dreamed about Tina in accounting.

5 months later, Bobby had a 6 pack and Tina was his wife. The End.

Of Course I’m being ridiculous and Bobby is a fictional character, but the diet is very much a reality. I demonstrated how you can hit the peak of your protein goals, blow away your fiber requirements and still have several delightful meals throughout the day.

You now understand what it takes to fit in things like Sour Patches into your diet. Things that will satisfy your sweet tooth and, as long as your other macronutrients are in order, will allow you to stay on your diet! With a diet that allows you to eat such things and still remain on point, I should say that it is NOT too restrictive and we can mark off another thing from our list.


  • The Diet Makes Them Hungry

  • The Diet Has Too Many Rules

  • The Rules Aren’t Very Clear

  • The Diet Is Too Restrictive

  • The Diet Doesn’t Taste Good


However, if you use up all of your allotted carb and fat macros for that extra large double butter scone at the beginning of the day, you're going to be left eating some pretty mediocre meals throughout the rest of the day. Which could potentially cause you to say "screw it”! So you still need to be mindful of your food choices.

I personally believe that you can maximize ALL of your meals and have a pretty amazing day of fun foods if you utilize the wide array of alternatives available to modern consumers.


Finding Alternatives

There are some things that you just won't be able to fit into your diet without leaving the rest of your day's meals confined to whey protein, broccoli or skinless chicken breast. Things such as artificial sweeteners can be a very beneficial way to save you calories and carbs while appeasing your sweet tooth, items that are low in fat, half fat or even no fat can save a lot of calories and not take away too much of the flavor.

Like most people, I’m a huge fan of breakfast foods. Specifically waffles, pancakes and french toast. During the days of my big cheat splurges I’d always hit up a breakfast joint and slam a large stack of pancakes and an omelette. I’d make myself sick as a dog and have a horribly painful rest of the day. I didn’t think it was possible to eat those kinds of foods and stay on a diet. I was very pleased to discover that I was very very wrong and found a way to easily fit in a breakfast food favorite.


Pro Tip: Opera Broast (Opera Bro - French Toast)

Full Discretion: I did not come up with this recipe. I saw it on a youtube video a while ago and it has become a staple in my diet ever since. Every time I’m in a place where I consistently have a stove I make this for myself. I’d eat this every day of my life if I could.



3 Pieces of Toast

2-3 Whole Eggs

3-6 Egg Whites

Cinnamon to taste

Stevia to taste

Sugar Free Syrup



  1. Thoroughly Coat a large pan or a deep skillet with a zero calorie spray (especially the sides), I prefer canola oil.

  2. Place Three pieces of bread evenly in a triangle fashion in the pan.

  3. In a separate bowl, whip up the whole eggs and egg whites until they are a smooth consistency.

  4. Add Cinnamon and Stevia and then mix thoroughly once more.

  5. Pour contents of bowl over the bread in the pan and place a lid over the top of the pan.

  6. Cook on stove on medium to low heat until there isn’t any liquid moving on top.

  7. With a spatula, carefully flip the now large piece of toast on to the uncooked side.

  8. I prefer to have one side crispy and one side with a fluffier egg like consistency, but cook both sides to your desired consistency.

  9. Flip onto a plate, spray some “I can’t believe it’s not butter” on that sucker, warm up some sugar free syrup and enjoy you lucky S.O.B.


Macros for Broast with 2 whole eggs, 3 egg whites, 3 pieces of Toast, ½ cup of Sugar free syrup:

Calories: 375

Protein: 34 grams

Carb: 50 grams

Fat: 11 grams

Fiber: 9 grams


Obviously different brands and types of bread and syrup and going to alter these macros. These macros are calculated with these nutritional facts. You can switch them out for whatever you like, just make it work with your macros.

Bread: Nature’s Own Wheat Enriched 40 Calorie Per Slice

Sugar Free Syrup: Hungry Jack Sugar Free Syrup

You’ll soon find that some alternatives are absolutely disgusting. The company Walden Farms has a whole line of zero calorie foods and sauces. However, and in my honest unbiased opinion, the quality is hit or miss. They have a zero calorie pancake syrup that's very close to the taste of sugar free syrup and can save you carbs/calories. Their ranch I found to be worth using. However, things such as their spreads taste absolutely gnarly.

As a general rule, if there is a low fat/no fat, low carb/no carb, low calorie/zero calorie alternative option available, it is worth at least trying to see if it agrees with your palette. Not because these items are "healthier" but because saving yourself calories and macros on things like sauces, sweeteners, and drinks can afford you more food (in terms of overall volume) at the end of the day. If you have a small appetite then this isn't a huge concern for you, but for individuals like myself this plays a huge factor.

Now that I’ve shown you a way that you could a lot of different kinds and types of food, sometimes all in the same day, I’m convinced that we can take off another thing from our list.


  • The Diet Makes Them Hungry

  • The Diet Has Too Many Rules

  • The Rules Aren’t Very Clear

  • The Diet Is Too Restrictive

  • The Diet Doesn’t Taste Good


Now we have to think about the rules...

I know, I know. I hate rules, too. I’ve always had issues with authority which definitely became clear when it came to diet adherence. But with flexible dieting the rules are simple: Stay within your calories and hit your protein, carb, fat, and fiber goals for the day. Eat whatever you’d like to hit those goals.

But the real world doesn’t always like to play along with your game plan. Dieting and the modern man/woman are at a constant battle. Most diets require a strict adherence, force you to read out a laundry list of add ons or removals to your waiter while eating at a restaurant or make you avoid the group situation all together. That’s not necessary with this diet style. The rules are clear and can be written on a post-it note. It’s really that simple.

HOWEVER, with social situations and keeping to flexible dieting it takes a bit of experience. Lucky for you, Ol’ Yeargain has been through the ringer and I’ll show you how to work through social situations and not just hit your baseline goals, but get the most out of them...


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