Episode 15 : Chuck Hudson

After hearing only amazing things about his work from mutual friends and colleagues, I knew I had to learn more about Chuck Hudson and his performing philosophies. Chuck’s specialty in movement comes from a background in gymnastics as well as being one of three Americans to have received a diploma from the Marcel Marceau International School of Mimedrama in Paris. He is the only American to be appointed to teach at Marceau’s School.

This is a tremendous episode and I'm excited for you all to hear it!

Website: http://chdirector.com/

Here is a list of books I recommend…I only mentioned the first one in our chat.

Acting Techniques:

·       Respect for Acting: Uta Hagen

·       On the Technique of Acting: Michael Chekhov

·        Acting is Believing—A Basic Method:
Charles McGraw, Larry D. Clark

·       The Actor and the Target: Declan Donnellan

·        Actions—The Actors' Thesaurus:
Marina Caldarone, Maggie Lloyd-Williams

·       The Acting Edge—Performance Unleashed: Dean Carey

Movement Techniques:

·       Body Wisdom: Arthur Lessac

·       The Articulate Body: Anne Dennis

·        Etienne Decroux: Thomas Leabhart

Communication & Organization:

·        First Things First: Stephen Covey

·        How to Work a Room: Susan RoAne

·        The Open Mind—Exploring the 6 Patterns of Natural Intelligence:
Dawna Markova

Posted on October 14, 2015 .