Episode 8: Dr. William Nield Christensen

This week I am pleased to feature my voice teacher, my client, my mentor and father figure, Dr. William Nield Christensen. Dr. Bill (as his students and friends fondly call him) has been a huge influence in my training as a singer, and I am proud to call him one of my personal training clients. In this episode we not only talk about the man, the voice and his teachings, but we talk about his weight loss journey and some of the pitfalls he faced in his path to a healthier life. Dr. Bill passes some sage advice to the singers and performers of the future.


Blog Post That Features His (initial) Results

The Art of Miming

Dr. Bill at Oklahoma City University


How Contact Dr. Bill: Email: wchristensen@okcu.edu


Dr. Bill continues to lose weight and is now around 200lbs, making his total weight loss around 65lbs (so far.) Just recently he had a physical with his doctor and his health markers have improved vastly and now officially off of High Blood Pressure Medication. Congrats, Dr. Bill!

Posted on August 26, 2015 .