Episode 7 : Rob Ventre

Rob Ventre is a New York based actor who is also a prolific personal trainer and strength coach. Along with years of performing experience as a member of actor's equity, Rob also has nine years of hands on personal training experience. Rob himself has been training for over 20 years and has not only developed a great physique but also a firm understanding of what it takes to build muscle and strength. Rob and I discuss how both of these can benefit your health AND your performance as an actor and performer.

Topics covered in this episode:

- What to look for/What to look out for in a Personal Trainer/coach.

- How to train the body.

- How NOT to train the body

- Why Pilates isn't going to save your knee from snapping like peanut brittle.

Books and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

"Starting Strength" by Mark Rippetoe


Dan John

For Training and Questions, Rob can be reached at: Robventrestrength@gmail.com

Posted on August 19, 2015 .