I NEED YOUR HELP! The Summer Program Gym Survey!

I have had the privilege of training some world class singers who are both young artists and full professional singers, and now that summer is approaching many of them are packing up, leaving home or school and headed to Summer Opera Festivals! As an opera singer myself, I know that these programs are fantastic opportunities but can sometimes leave the issue of fitness up to question.

"Will there be a gym where I'm staying?"

"Will I have time to workout?"

"Do I have to pay for a gym membership while I'm there?"

"Is there room in my living space for yoga or a DVD type workout?"

I've received dozens of messages from fitness minded singers and performers asking about either what certain Summer Programs have in terms of fitness equipment or what they can do to stay in shape while they are away for Summer programs. So, I've decided to compile a list of what is available based on the summer program.




I've been fortunate enough to have been to a few summer programs, but I have not been to them all and can't say with confidence what kind of fitness options they have available to YOU! So, If you've been to a summer program, run a summer program, or have been a part of a summer program in any regard, PLEASE fill out the following submission form. AND, once you've filled it out, share it with other singers who love to workout. Once I've compiled data I will either launch a website or make this information available to the public FOR FREE on my own website.

This information will be continuously updated based on information that YOU provide. The more people who submit information, the MORE people will benefit from this.

How would you describe your relationship with fitness? *
Example: Summer 2012, 2013, 2014 etc.
(Young Artist, Principal Artist, Coach, Director, conductor, Administrative, Production Staff?)
How much rehearsal was required of you per day? (on average)
What kind of workouts do you like to do? Mark all that apply *
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Did the program provide any kind of fitness or health class or activity? *
Describe what kinds of out door trails were available to you.
Did the facilities available have any of the following:
Give as much specific information as you can: Cost of membership, did you have to sign a contract, were there strange hours or rules?
If a gym was provided or made available, what kind of equipment did it have? *
Were they open early mornings, late nights, or holidays?
Did you feel you had time to workout?